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Using coupon wallets

With Talon.One, you can allow customers to save promotional coupons in a coupon wallet. This lets customers collect codes they find online and attach the codes to their account for use on future orders.

To accomplish this, and the related tasks, we have three endpoints:

Coupon reservation#

For creating a new coupon reservation. As long as the coupon is valid, is reservable and its use won't exceed any set limits, a row will be added to the reservation table for both coupon and recipient, linking them. Regular coupons are automatically reservable, coupons created for a specific user are not reservable.

Returning all coupons a given customer has saved#

For the given customer integration ID, return a full list of coupons attached to this account. With this you can generate a list of all coupons for the given customer, for example, to show on that customer's coupon wallet page.

Returning all customers that have a given coupon saved#

For a given coupon code, return a list of customers who have this coupon reserved to their account.