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Management API

Use the Management API to programmatically do most of what the Campaign Manager's UI allows. It's the API for management purposes and back-office systems.

Typical back-office operations are:

  • Creating or updating customer profiles, rules, campaigns...
  • Getting data from the Campaign Manager (referral data, customer data,...).
  • Managing custom attributes.
  • Importing loyalty cards.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all our SLAs in contract are specified for the Integration API only. The Management API is primarily designed to be used by the Campaign Manager.
  • This API is for back-office operations, not for real-time integrations that directly serve your end users. Each of its endpoints has a limit of 3 requests per second.
    The high-load API to send and retrieve data to and from Talon.One in real-time is the Integration API.

The relation between your webshop/website and Talon.One's backend can be visualized as follows:

Integration between Talon.One and your webshop/website.

See API Docs

Management API Postman collection

Find our collections on our Postman workspace.

Run the Management API in Postman