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Management API

Use the Management API to programmatically do most of what the Campaign Manager's UI allows. It's the API for management purposes and back-office systems.

Typical back-office operations are:

  • Creating or updating customer profiles, rules, campaigns...
  • Getting data from the Campaign Manager (referral data, customer data,...).
  • Managing custom attributes.
  • Importing loyalty cards.
Unless otherwise stated, all our SLAs in contract are specified for the Integration API only. The Management API is primarily designed to be used by the Campaign Manager.

This API is for back-office operations, not for real-time integrations that directly serve your end users. Each of its endpoints has a limit of 3 requests per second.

The high-load API to send and retrieve data to and from Talon.One in real-time is the Integration API.

The relation between your webshop/website and Talon.One's backend can be visualized as follows:

Integration between Talon.One and your webshop/website.See API Docs

Management API Postman collection

Find our collections on our Postman workspace.

Run the Management API in Postman