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Technology partners

You can interact with Talon.One from a third-party platform.

Depending on the platform you are using, Talon.One may offer specific endpoints or dedicated integrations. For example:

  • If you use Braze, you should use our Braze-specific endpoints.
  • If you use Segment, you should use our Segment destination and Segment-specific endpoints.
  • If your platform is not natively supported by Talon.One, we offer generic integration endpoints for customer data platforms (CDPs) and customer engagement platforms (CEPs).
  • Unless specified otherwise for a specific integration and for a specific client, all our integration endpoints have the following default rate limit. Depending on the campaign requirement, this rate limit can be increased upon request.

See all the endpoints in the Third-party API reference docs.

Third-party API Postman collection

Find our collections on our Postman workspace.

Run in theh Third-party API in Postman

Getting started with a partner integration