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Understanding Talon.One

Get an overview of Talon.One and understand how to create custom promotional campaigns.

Platform overview

Talon.One is a platform that allows you to create highly customizable promotional campaigns thanks to the Campaign Manager.

Our platform relies on Applications inside the Campaign Manager. They are the receiving end of the integration layer and typically represent a region where you do business. Read more about Applications.

Each Application contains campaigns. These are your promotional campaigns, based on your marketing decisions. They are defined by budgets, start and end dates, attributes, and the promotion logic. Read more about campaigns.

The logic of your campaign is implemented by rules. They usually have a set of conditions and effects such as check if the coupon code is valid, or generate a referral code. Read more about rules.

Business example

Let's imagine that we work for a company that sells clothes in the United States and in Europe. Our objective for the end of the summer is to sell as many clothes as possible to make room in our stores for the Autumn collection.

To do this with Talon.One, we use the Campaign Manager to create the following setup:

Visually, the setup looks like this:

architecture of the platform

1. Applications: We create 2 Applications to represent our 2 main businesses: the USA and Europe. Each has its own API key, currency and time zone.


We assume we have set up our integration layer to automatically send customer session information to the appropriate Application: the European webshop to the European Application, and the USA webshop to the USA Application.

2. Campaigns: Let's focus on our USA business and its corresponding Application, here's our simplified promotion strategy:

  • Campaign type: We want to drive a coupon campaign, and allow customers to use a LATESUMMER coupon code to get a discount.
  • Campaign validity: Let's run it from July 20th to September 1st.
  • Budget: We set up the campaign to allow up to a total amount of $200.000 worth of discounts.

We also use Talon.One to generate a universal code set to LATESUMMER. It can be used by anyone.


Campaigns belong to Applications, so we can set up a different campaign in our European Application, if needed. We can also add extra campaigns.

3. Rules: Now that we have a campaign and a valid coupon code, let's create the logic of our campaign with a rule. This is where we set what the coupon code does. Let's apply a 50% discount on the session value when customers redeem the LATESUMMER code.

Rules are defined by conditions and effects. In our case:

  • Condition: coupon code is valid
  • Effect: Discount session total by 50%

This is how a basic coupon setup looks like. Talon.One enables you to represent many types of campaigns, see the Campaign example section for ideas.

Next steps

See the Server infrastructure and data retention page to better understand how Talon.One stores data.