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Using coupon wallets

You can use Talon.One to manage coupon wallets. Coupon wallets enable customers to collect coupon codes found online and attach the codes to their account for potential future orders.

To enable coupon wallets, we rely on coupon reservations.

Adding a coupon to the wallet

Let's imagine an ecommerce website displaying a Add coupon to wallet button. Clicking this button should reserve a given coupon code for the current user.

To do this, we can use:

Removing coupons from a wallet

To enable users to delete coupons from their wallet, we use the Delete coupon reservations endpoint

Displaying a customer's coupon wallet

The next step is to potentially display the content of a wallet. We can imagine a Show wallet button on an ecommerce website.

Clicking this button displays all the codes contained in the wallet. To do this, we use the List customer data endpoint.

Listing all customers that have a given coupon saved

Another use case is the ability to display the customers that have saved a specific coupon.

For a given coupon code, we can use the List users that have this coupon reserved endpoint.