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June 26, 2024

Receive notifications about expiring coupons


Be notified through scheduled triggers when a coupon is close to expiration. To get started, create an Application notification for Expiring coupons.

June 12, 2024

Updated the What's new page


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Every month has its own page, for better performance and easier navigation.

More monthly updates
Bug fixes:
  • (2024-06-26) Loyalty:
  • (2024-06-26) Campaign Manager:
    • Fixed a bug in the Create Additional Cost form where the Create Cost button did not adapt to page resizing.
    • Fixed a bug on the Cart Item Catalogs page where the total number of pages was not displayed correctly.
  • (2024-06-26) Campaign Manager: Fixed a bug in the Create Key form of the Management API Keys page where the select all feature did not behave as expected.
  • (2024-06-12) Achievements:
  • (2024-06-12) Loyalty:
    • Fixed a bug where the Update loyalty card status endpoint did not return ledger and subledger data in the response.
    • Fixed a bug in the UI where the error window showed duplicate OK buttons when the user tried to disconnect an Application from a loyalty program.
  • (2024-06-12) Campaign Manager: Fixed a bug where, when listing campaigns, applying the Expiring soon filter had no effect when the Running filter was also applied.
  • (2024-06-12) Giveaways: Fixed a bug where pagination on the Codes page of a giveaway pool was broken.