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July 24, 2024

Campaign evaluation scope


You can now set the evaluation scope of a campaign evaluation group to determine the level on which the Rule Engine evaluates the campaigns in that group. Choose between:

  • Session: Only customer sessions are considered when evaluating the campaigns, meaning only one campaign can be applied.
  • Item: Only individual cart items are considered when evaluating the campaigns. This means effects from several campaigns can be applied, but each item unit is discounted by only one campaign.
July 10, 2024

Get customer's projected loyalty tier info

Integration API

When using the Get customer's loyalty points endpoint, you can now include the customer's projected loyalty tier information in the response. This information consists of the customer's projected active points at the time of the current tier expiration, the name of the projected tier, and the number of required points for the customer to stay in their current tier.

You can use this information to motivate customers to upgrade their loyalty tier or to stay in their current tier.

Provision and deprovision Talon.One users with SSO

Roles & permissions

We have enhanced our single sign-on (SSO) capabilities with new features for automated user provisioning and deprovisioning.

This allows you to manage user access across multiple service providers using a single identity provider, simplifying the user management process and enhancing security.

You can:

More monthly updates
  • (2024-07-24): Loyalty: Added a rollbackIncreasedAchievementProgress effect to make it possible to roll back a customer’s achievement progress in the case of a session cancellation or return.
  • (2024-07-24): Webhooks: You can now make copies of webhooks. When you copy a webhook, all its parameters and request details are copied over to a new webhook.
  • (2024-07-24): Campaign Manager: Redesigned the forms used to create and edit giveaway pools for consistency and better user experience.
  • (2024-07-24): Campaign evaluation: The Highest discount value evaluation mode now supports failure effects as well as coupon and referral rejection reasons.
  • (2024-07-10) Loyalty:
  • (2024-07-10) Strikethrough pricing: Improved the performance for sending strikethrough pricing notifications.
  • (2024-07-10) Campaign Manager:
    • Redesigned the forms used to create and edit budgets for consistency and better user experience.
    • You can now search for audiences in both conditions and effects in the Rule Builder.
  • (2024-07-10) Integrations: The Create coupon (CEP) endpoint now allows custom attributes to be prefixed with _ in addition to ..
  • (2024-07-10) Catalogs: Improved the performance for syncing items to a cart item catalog. You can now perform only one type of action with each Sync cart item catalog request.
Bug fixes:
  • (2024-07-24) Loyalty: Fixed a bug in the Subledger ID validation that didn’t allow users to create subledger names that start with a number.
  • (2024-07-24) Catalogs: Fixed a bug where cart item catalog suggestions didn’t show up in the Rule Builder for attributes of a certain type that have imported picklist values.
  • (2024-07-24) Rule Builder: Fixed a bug where it was sometimes not possible to reference cart item filters in the Update cart item attribute value effect.
  • (2024-07-24) Dashboards: Fixed a bug where the set discount in the campaign budget displayed too many decimal places.
  • (2024-07-10) Campaigns: Fixed a bug where changes made to a campaign with strikethrough rules could not be saved after the parent Application was disconnected from the cart item catalog.