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Creating a paid loyalty program

Paid loyalty programs are a great way to reduce the likelihood of customer churn and increase a customer's lifetime value.

Let's imagine that every time a customer purchases a subscription to your loyalty program we include them into a special category. All clients included in the loyalty program receive special perks, free items, and discounts.


It is necessary to have created at least one loyalty program.

Creating a custom attribute for the subscription status

Let's create a custom attribute for storing the subscription status of a client. The campaign automatically updates the client's membership duration when they subscribe to the loyalty program.


To create a custom attribute, you need Admin permissions.

  1. Click Account.
  2. Click Dev Tools > Attributes.
  3. Click Create Attribute.
  4. In Associated entity, select Customer Profile.
  5. In Attribute type, select Time.
  6. Choose an API name, and the name and description to find the attribute in the Rule Builder palette.
  7. In Connected Application(s), select your Application.
  8. Click Create Attribute.

Creating a campaign to assign membership

Let's create the campaign that assigns the membership after the client subscribed.

  1. Create a campaign with the Loyalty feature enabled.
  2. In the Rule Builder, click Add Rules.
  3. In Conditions, click Add Condition and select a condition to check whether the client is subscribing to the loyalty program. (Check with your development team what conditions you should add).
  4. Click Done.
  5. In Effects, click Add Effect.
  6. Select Update attribute value.
  7. In Set attribute, select the custom attribute that you created.
  8. Change the operator to Add days and the field to the right to 30.
  9. Click Done.
  10. Click Save to save the rule.

Rewarding subscribed members

You can now create another campaign to reward clients that are subscribed to your loyalty program:

  1. Create a campaign with the Loyalty feature enabled.

  2. In the Rule Builder, add the validate an attribute condition.

  3. Change the attribute to Current time.

  4. Change the operator to Is before.

  5. Click the 3-line icon to the right and select the attribute you created in the first step.

  6. Click Done.

  7. Add the required effects.


    You have multiple options to reward your clients. Add the effect Discount session total to give a total discount on your clients' purchases, or use the effect Add free items to reward them with free items.

  8. Click Save to save the rule.


You can create multiple campaigns to give different rewards to your clients based on different criteria. ensure you always include the condition described above to ensure the campaign only targets clients subscribed to your program.

See the loyalty terminology and program types in Comprehensive summary of loyalty.