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Basic giveaway

We can use giveaways for rewarding our customers with vouchers or gift cards from other companies.

Let's create a standard campaign with a promotion rule to give new customers an Amazon gift card if their session total reaches a certain amount.


The Giveaways feature has to be enabled and it is necessary to have created at least one giveaway pool.

Awarding an Amazon gift card

Let's build a rule to award an Amazon gift card to customers who spend $50 or more in one session.

Let's name the rule Amazon giveaway. It has 2 conditions and 1 effect.


  • Check attribute value: First session ever? (Current session) is True.
  • Check attribute value: Cart items total (Current session) is greater than or equal to 50.


Award giveaway: Giveaway pool is the giveaway pool that we created and connected to the Application, and Recipient is Current Customer.