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Creating a pro rata discount

Pro-rata discounts are applied evenly among all eligible items in the cart.

This can be useful for managing returns. For example, if a customer returns one of the products they purchased, only the proportional part of the discount corresponding to that product will be rolled back. In other cases, accounting regulations and laws may require discounts to be applied pro rata.

Let's imagine that our business is a clothing store and we want to create a campaign that gives a total discount of 20 euros on all pairs of shoes in the cart. The discount is applied pro rata, in proportion to the price of each pair of shoes. For example, if a customer purchases 2 pairs of the same shoes, they receive a 10 euro discount on each pair.

To do this, let's use cart item filters and enable cart item flattening for the campaign. Without flattening cart items, all identical cart items are viewed as a single one with their total quantity.

Let's create:

  1. A cart item filter to filter items by product category (in our example, shoes).
  2. A rule to issue a pro rata discount on all pairs of shoes in the cart.

Filtering the cart items by product category

Let's filter the cart by product category so that we can find all shoes in it. This will allow us to create rules on those items.

  1. Open the Rule Builder for your campaign.
  2. Click Add Rules.
  3. Click Filter Cart Items at the top-right of the page.
  4. Click Add Filter Step.
  5. In Filter & Sort, click Filter items by condition.
  6. In Condition, select Item category (item) from the palette.
  7. In the drop-down menu, choose Is equal to.
  8. Type the desired item category. In our case, we write shoes.
  9. In Saves as, type the name of the filter. For example, shoesfilter.
  10. Click Save Filter.

You can see the filter in the Cart Item Filters section, over the Rules one.


To the right of the filter name, you can see the kind of value assigned to our filter. In this case, it is list of cart items. This means that this filter will be available wherever other lists, such as the list of cart items, are available.

Issuing a pro rata discount on the selected items

Let's create a rule to issue a 20 euro discount on all pairs of shoes in the cart. The discount will be applied to each pair in direct proportion to its price.

Before you start, let's ensure we have:

We can then create the required rule:

  1. In the Rules section, click Add rule.
  2. Type a name for the rule. For example, 20 euro pro rata on shoes.
  3. In Conditions, click Always Trigger Effects.
  4. In Effects, click Add Effect.
  5. In Discount, click Discount individual items pro rata.
  6. In Pick a list of items, select shoesfilter.
  7. In Discount name, type a suitable name. For example, 20 pro rata.
  8. Set Discount value to 20.
  9. In Allow lower discount value if budget is insufficient, select Application Default Settings.
  10. Click Done.
  11. Click Save at the top-right of the page.