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Creating a gift card campaign

You can create gift cards using our coupons feature to offer to your customers as an alternative to a refund or as a reward for a contest. It is also possible to import gift cards that you created outside of Talon.One.

Let's set up a simple gift card campaign for 1400 customers. The objective is for each customer to be able to use their gift card to pay for any order, regardless of the order value.

To do this, let's build a rule that allows the customer to pay the entire order with a gift card. If the gift card value is greater than the session total, the gift card remainder is updated and the customer will be able to use the gift card again in other sessions.

Let's also enable partial discounts in the rule so the entire value of the gift card is deducted when it is less than the session total.


The Coupons feature has to be enabled.

Enabling payment with a gift card

We have a campaign supporting coupons. Let's build a rule for customers to pay with a gift card and the gift card value to be deducted if it is less than the session total.

  1. Click Rule Builder in the left-side menu of the campaign.
  2. Click Add Rule.
  3. Type a name for your rule, such as Paying with a gift card.
  4. In Conditions, click Add Condition.
  5. Click Coupon code is valid.
  6. In Effects, click Add effect.
  7. Click Discount session total.
  8. In Discount name, type a suitable name. For example, Gift card redemption.
  9. In Discount value, click the + symbol to the right and select [Session.Total].
  10. In Allow lower discount value if budget is insufficient, select Yes.
  11. Click Done.
  12. Click Save at the top-right of the page.The gift card remainder is automatically updated when the session is closed thanks to the Coupon code is valid condition. The customer will be able to use the remainder in future purchases.

Creating the gift card

Once we have the rule that defines our gift card campaign, let's create our gift card and set its value. This is the maximum amount a customer can pay with the gift card when using it for the first time.

If you want to use gift cards that you created outside of Talon.One, import them through the coupons import feature.

In our case, we create the gift card directly in the coupons section of our campaign:

  1. Click Coupons in the left-side menu of the campaign.
  2. Click Create Coupons.
  3. Click the Gift Card tab.
  4. In Number of gift cards, set the number of gift cards to generate. For example, 1400.
  5. In Gift card value, set the value of the gift card. We set it to 60.
  6. In the Advanced section, let's set Code length to 12 characters.
  7. Click Create.

Your customers will be able to pay up to $60 with the gift card. Whenever a customer pays an order with it and the session is closed, the remainder is updated.