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Setting up flash sales

In flash sale campaigns, a certain number of items are offered at a discount for a limited time. The campaign ends once the time span is over or all the items on sale are sold. We can use coupon code redemptions to limit the number of times the product can be purchased with a discount.

Let's imagine that we are a supermarket and want to run a promotion on salami pizzas. We have a stock of 2500 salami pizzas and we want to sell 2000 of them within a week, from July 1 to July 7. To do this, we create a campaign to give customers a 40% discount on salami pizzas if they redeem a valid coupon code within the following week. The campaign will end in a week or when the last salami pizza is sold.

This campaign can be useful to deplete stocks quickly.

Let's create:

  1. A universal coupon code that we have to distribute among our customers before the start of the campaign.
  2. A cart item filter to filter items by product category (in our example, salami pizzas), and an additional filter step so customers can only purchase one discounted pizza at a time.
  3. A rule to issue a 40% discount on salami pizzas during the first week from the launch of the campaign.

The Coupons feature has to be enabled.

The coupon code is valid condition redeems the code if the rule is successful. The corresponding counter in the usage column on the Coupons page of the campaign is automatically updated once the session is closed.

Creating a universal coupon code

Let's create a universal coupon code that must be distributed among our customers before July 1. We will use the coupon redemption limit to ensure that the offer lasts 1 week and no more than 2000 pizzas are sold with a discount.

  • Coupon code: SalamiPizzaDays2022
  • Coupon redemption limit: 2000
  • Per-customer redemption limit: Allow unlimited redemptions
  • Schedule: Expiry date on July 8 at 00:00

Filtering the cart items by product category and limiting the number of items to 1

Let's create a cart item filter to find all the cart items belonging to the salami_pizza category. Let's also add a filter step to select one item and ensure that customers can only buy one discounted pizza each time they use the coupon code.

Filter items by condition:

  • Attribute is Item category (Item).
  • Is equal to salami_pizza.
  • Add Filter Step: Select one item.
  • Save as salami_pizza_filter.

To the right of the filter name, you can see the kind of value assigned to our filter. In this case, it is single Cart Item. This means that we can use it in the next section in effects where we discount individual items.

Issuing a 40% discount on salami pizzas

Let's build a rule for our customers to receive a 40% discount on a salami pizza in their cart if they redeem a valid coupon code.

Let's name the rule Salami pizza - Flash Sales. It has 1 condition and 1 effect.


Coupon code is valid.


Discount individual items:

  • List of items is salami_pizza_filter.
  • Discount name is 40% off per item.
  • Discount value is [Item.Quantity]*[Item.Price]*40%.