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Rewarding a customer on their birthday

Rewarding our customers on their birthday is a good way to increase customer engagement.

Let's imagine that we are a fashion brand and want to provide our customers with a $30 gift card for their birthday. We also want them to use the gift card within 2 weeks from their birthday. To do this, we create a campaign to generate a gift card on a specific date for each customer.

Let's create:

  1. A custom profile attribute to store our customer's birthday.
  2. A rule to create a $30 gift card on the customer's birthday.

The Coupons feature has to be enabled.

Storing the customer's birthday

Let's start by storing the customer's birthday so we can use it in the Rule Builder. To do this, we create a custom attribute.

  • Associated entity: customer profile
  • Attribute type: time
  • API name: CustomerBirthday
  • Rule Builder name: Customer Birthday
  • Rule Builder description: Represents the customer's birthday.
  • Available in our Application

Creating a $30 gift card on the customer's birthday

Let's build a rule to generate a $30 gift card as a coupon code on the customer's birthday.


Validate attribute value:

  • Attribute is Customer Birthday (Customer Profile).
  • Is on (month, day): Current time.


Create coupon code:

  • In the current campaign.
  • Recipient is Current customer.
  • Redemption limit is 1.
  • In Set start time and end time:
    • Expiry date is 14 days after the session, end of the day.
    • Discount limit is 30.