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Rewarding a customer on their birthday

Rewarding our customers on their birthday is a good way to increase customer engagement.

Let's imagine that we are a fashion brand and want to provide our customers with a $30 gift card for their birthday. We also want them to use the gift card within 2 weeks from their birthday. To do this, we create a campaign to generate a gift card on a specific date for each customer.


Another way to reward our customers on their birthday is to award them loyalty points.

Let's create:

  1. A custom profile attribute to store our customer's birthday.
  2. A promotion rule to create a $30 gift card on the customer's birthday.

The Coupons feature has to be enabled.

Storing the customer's birthday


To create a custom attribute, you need Admin permissions.

Let's start by storing the customer's birthday so we can use it in the Rule Builder. To do this, we create a custom attribute.

  • Associated entity: customer profile
  • Attribute type: time
  • API name: CustomerBirthday
  • Rule Builder name: Customer Birthday
  • Rule Builder description: Represents the customer's birthday.
  • Available in our Application

Creating a $30 gift card on the customer's birthday

Let's build a rule to generate a $30 gift card as a coupon code on the customer's birthday.

Let's name the rule Gift card creation. It has 1 condition and 1 effect.


Validate attribute value:

  • Attribute is Customer Birthday (Customer Profile).
  • Is on (month, day): Current time.


Create coupon code:

  • In the current campaign.
  • Recipient is Current customer.
  • Redemption limit is 1.
  • Discount limit is 30.
  • In Set start time and end time, Expiration date is 14 days after the session, end of the day.