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Creating a basic discount

Once you have learned what our Rule Builder is, you can build your first rules.

In a standard campaign, let's create a simple promotion rule to provide customers with a discount when the value of their cart reaches a certain amount.

Remember that, in order to build rules for your campaigns, you can use the data sent through your Talon.One integration to choose from a series of attributes contained in the Rule Builder.

Issuing a discount on the session total when the cart items total reaches a minimum value

Let's build a rule for the customers to receive a 5% discount on the total value of their session when they have items worth at least 500 in their cart.

Let's name it 5% discount. It has 1 condition and 1 effect.


Check attribute value:

  • Attribute is Cart items total (Current session).
  • Is greater than or equal to 500.


Discount session total: Name is 5% off and Discount value is [Session.Total]*5%.