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Redeeming a coupon code to issue a discount

Once we have created random coupon codes and have distributed them among our customers, let's set up a standard campaign to provide them with a 20% discount on their orders when they redeem a valid coupon code and the session total reaches $60.


The Coupons feature has to be enabled.

Issuing a discount on the session total

Let's build a promotion rule and name it 20% discount with coupon code. It has 2 conditions and 1 effect.


  • Coupon code is valid.

  • Check attribute value:

    • Attribute is Cart items total (Current session).
    • Is greater than or equal to 60.

The coupon code is valid condition redeems the code if the rule is successful. The corresponding counter in the Redemptions column on the Coupons page of the campaign is automatically updated once the session is closed.


Discount session total: Name is 20% off and Discount value is [Session.Total]*20%.