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Data retention policy and server infrastructure

Talon.One's server infrastructure is where the data you send to Talon.One is stored and how we ensure the Campaign Manager is always available, while our data retention policy refers to how long we keep different types of data available in the Campaign Manager.

Data retention policy

Data is archived automatically depending on its type. The retention time can be modified to suit your needs. To discuss a data retention plan specific for your account, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Data typeDefault retention time (days)
Customer sessions120
Audit logs (Changes)90
Integration API logs (Response / request logs)40
Webhook request / response logs / activation logs30
Customer session logs (Rule failure reasons)14

Server infrastructure

Our infrastructure is three-time redundant, self-checking, self-healing and distributed over several availability zones to ensure high availability.

We use a Kubernetes cluster, that:

  • Stretches over two different Google Cloud availability zones.
  • Runs every production deployment on at least one instance per zone.
  • Features a synchronized master in each zone.

Our cluster has automatic health checks on both hardware and software. This ensures the appropriate distribution of load across all healthy machines and automatic discovery, isolation, and replacement of faulty components resulting in excellent reliability.

Our active-active database servers have a standby copy in a second availability zone with automatic handover in the case of catastrophic failure. They also have a separate backup mechanism allowing us to go back to any point in time within the last 7 days.

Each customer instance is stored in its own VPC.

architecture of the platform

Next steps

See the Getting started page to setup your deployment.