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The Rule Builder is a user interface element of the Campaign Manager that allows you to create rules that define the logic of your campaign. You can create as many rules as you wish in the same campaign. They are evaluated as long as the campaign is active.

A visual example of campaigns and rules.

Rule types

Talon.One offers 2 types of rules:

  • Promotion rules: Promotion rules allow you to create campaigns that offer discounts and rewards to customers.
  • Strikethrough rules: Strikethrough rules allow you to get the strikethrough pricing and label information for individual items.

Promotion rules

Promotion rules help you build complex campaigns that help boost customer interaction and increase sales.

Create the campaign logic by creating one or more conditions that, when met, trigger defined effects. Campaigns with promotion rules rely on events and data related to customer sessions and customer profiles.

You can also create advanced promotion rules with cart item filters, bundles, attributes, loyalty programs, additional costs, and custom effects.

Promotion rule

To learn more about how campaigns with promotion rules are evaluated, see evaluating campaigns with promotion rules.

Strikethrough rules

Strikethrough pricing is a marketing strategy where you display the market price of an item next to its discounted price. This makes the discount evident to potential customers and helps boost sales.

Strikethrough rules do not have any conditions. They only have effects. The effects are triggered when specific events occur in the campaign or in the cart item catalog connected to the corresponding Application.

You can use strikethrough rules with strikethrough pricing notifications to obtain the strikethrough price for individual items when running discounts and sales. Use custom attributes in your strikethrough rules to build advanced campaigns and send extra information about each cart item.

You can send strikethrough pricing updates by:

Strikethrough rule

To learn more about how campaigns with strikethrough rules are evaluated, see evaluating campaigns with strikethrough rules.

Attribute selector

The Attribute Selector is a user interface element of the Rule Builder that lists all your managed attributes and cart item filters and makes them available for selection. The Attribute Selector opens when you click an attribute or a button that allows you to select an attribute, such as Add an attribute.

For any available attribute, the Attribute Selector shows you:

  • The entity associated with the attribute
  • The value type of the attribute
  • The number of active campaigns in which the attribute is used

To view the description and sample values for attributes where this data is available, hover over the required row. To select an attribute or cart item filter, click anywhere on the required row.

You can sort the items in the Attribute Selector by clicking Sort By and selecting one of the available sorting options.

You can specifically search for or filter by:

  • Built-in attributes
  • Custom attributes
  • Cart Item Filters
  • Attributes related to Awarded giveaway in session and Loyalty program are available only if the corresponding campaign features (giveaways and loyalty) are enabled.
  • Attributes related to Subledgers are available only if the loyalty feature is enabled and at least one subledger exists.
  • With some effects, such as Add free item, you can select an attribute from the Attribute Selector and also type free text before and after it.


Filters allow you to sort cart items in different ways, create item bundles and operate on the values of item lists. You can then use their outcome in your conditions and effects to create different types of discounts, product bundles, and selective rewards.

You can filter on characteristics of the cart items such as quantity, price, size or any other relevant information.