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The Rule Builder allows you to create rules that define the logic of your campaign. It is available on the left-side menu of every campaign.

Rules are defined by conditions and effects.

You can create as many rules as you wish in the same campaign. They are active as long as the campaign is and can only be disabled by disabling the entire campaign.


Your conditions represent the criteria to trigger a given effect, following the logic WHEN <this happens> THEN <do this>. They are always specific to your promotional use case.

Conditions can rely on:

  • Internal data generated by Talon.One, such as a coupon code to be validated.
  • External data provided by your ecommerce website or any other tool in your business; for example, cart information.

For example, you can set a certain number of items in the customer's cart as a condition to obtain a free item.

You can stack different conditions on the same rule.

Read more about conditions.


Your effects define what happens when all or some of the rule conditions are validated. For example, you can set as an effect a discount on the session total or the appearance of a notification.

Effects can generate data that is stored inside Talon.One or that you can send to other tools in your business such as a generated coupon code to communicate to the customer.

You can set more than one effect on the same rule.

Read more about effects.

The palette

The palette is an element of the interface of the Rule Builder that allows you to list and use the campaign's built-in or custom attributes and the campaign's cart item filters.

You can access the palette in the Rule Builder section of a given campaign when creating rules, cart item filters, and subledgers.

You can search in the palette for a specific attribute or cart item filter, or filter by:

  • Built-in attributes
  • Custom attributes
  • Cart item filter

Attributes related to Awarded giveaway in session and Loyalty program are only available if the corresponding features (giveaways and loyalty) are enabled. Attributes related to Subledgers are only available if the loyalty feature is enabled and you have created at least one subledger.


Filters allow you to sort cart items in different ways, create item bundles and operate on the values of item lists. You can then use their outcome in your conditions and effects to create different types of discounts, product bundles and selective rewards.

You can filter on characteristics of the cart items such as quantity, price, size or any other relevant information.