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Exporting triggered effects

You can download a CSV file containing the all the effects triggered in a certain time range for all the campaigns of your Application.

This can be useful to get insights into the performance of the Application. For example, if you use coupons in your campaigns, you can export triggered effects to check how many times each coupon code was redeemed.


Data is collected every minute.

To export triggered effects:

  1. On the leftmost menu, click Apps.

  2. Select the Application from which you want to export triggered effects.

  3. On the Campaigns page, in the top-right corner, click Manage Campaign Data.

  4. Click Export Triggered Effects.

  5. Set your desired time frame:

    • In the Date Range tab, set your desired dates.
    • In the After Recent Export tab, select any previous customer session export from the Triggered after drop-down menu.
  6. In Date format, select the date format of your choice.


    In the exported file, all timestamp values follow UTC+00:00.

  7. Click Export Data.