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Available effects in strikethrough rules

This page lists the available effects in strikethrough rules.

In strikethrough rules, effects are triggered when specific events occur in the campaign or in the cart item catalog connected to the corresponding Application.

Strikethrough rules trigger only per-item effects. For example, you only can apply discounts to each item in the cart and not to the session total. You can also create and use item custom effects in strikethrough rules.

Note for developers

The effects triggered by Talon.One are returned to your website/integration layer and it is up to you and your development team to decide how to apply them.

Learn how to process effects in the Developer docs and see the JSON structure of each of them on the API effects page.

The effects available for strikethrough rules are:

Discount individual items effect

Effect nameDescriptionAPI name

Discount individual items

Applies a discount to certain items or their additional cost in the cart.

Eligible items are discounted one by one.


Custom effects

Effect nameDescriptionAPI name

Any item custom effect you created.

To learn how to create custom effects, see Managing custom effects.

What you define as API name and payload.


Create a strikethrough pricing notification to send strikethrough pricing updates to a URL of your choice.

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