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Using conditions

Creating a condition

To create a condition:

  1. Open the Rule Builder for your campaign.
  2. Click Add Rules.
  3. In Conditions, click Add Condition.
  4. Choose one of the available conditions.
  5. Set the required values.
  6. Click Done.

The condition is saved.


You can also choose Always Trigger Effects instead of setting your own conditions. In this case, the effects will trigger for every update of the customer session.

Using more than one condition in the same rule

You can create several conditions in a rule. In this case, the Rule Builder evaluates the conditions in the order in which they appear.

By default, if each condition is true, then the effects of the rule are triggered.

You can select if the rule should trigger when at least one condition is true, or if all of the conditions should be true:

  1. In Conditions, click When all of these are true.
  2. Select All or At least one.

You can also group conditions using the Create a group of conditions condition.