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Conditions are available only for promotion rules. They represent the criteria to trigger a given rule effect, following the logic WHEN <this happens> THEN <do this>. They are always specific to your promotional use case.

Conditions can be stacked, and they can rely on:

  • Internal data generated by Talon.One, such as a coupon code to be validated.
  • External data provided by your ecommerce website or any other tool in your business; for example, cart information.

Conditions are checked when the Rule Builder receives an event related to a customer session or a customer profile. See Understanding campaign evaluation. Events are a technical concept. Read more about them in the Developer docs.


Condition: The session total is greater than $500 and The coupon code is valid.

If both conditions are true, the effect of the rule is applied. In our case, a discount is applied.

Applying conditions.

Conditions can also have failure effects. For example, if one of the conditions fails, the discount is not applied and a notification is displayed instead.

Applying failure effects.

See the available conditions.