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Using subledgers

A loyalty subledger is an individual loyalty points wallet within a loyalty program. You can create multiple subledgers for one loyalty program to control where your customers earn and redeem their loyalty points.

They are useful in a situation where you are running multiple stores. For example, subledgers allow you to specify that points earned in a store can only be redeemed at that same store. This enables customers to have multiple separate balances concurrently without creating a separate loyalty program for each store.

You can only use subledgers in conditions or effects within the Rule Builder.

Before you start

Ensure that you have:

Using a subledger in conditions

You can set a condition to validate the loyalty points balance in a subledger.

Creating a subledger

Creating a subledger accessor allows you to create a subledger and to use it in a condition.

  1. Select the Application you want to use the loyalty feature in.

  2. Click the campaign where you want to validate the loyalty points balance.

  3. Click Rule Builder on the left-side menu.

  4. Click Access subledgers at the top of the page.

    • If you have not created any rules yet, click Create Rule to see the button at the top of the Rule Builder page.
    • If you have already created one or more subledger accessors in the same campaign, click Add Subledger Accessor to create new ones.
  5. In Select loyalty program, use the drop-down menu to choose a loyalty program that supports subledgers.

  6. In Subledger, type the name of the subledger. You can type the name of a subledger created in a different campaign or Application to reuse it. If you type a new name, a new subledger will be created.

  7. In Save as, choose the name of the subledger accessor. This name appears in the Attribute Selector when you create a condition.

  8. Click Save Subledger Balance.

You see the subledger accessor in the Access subledgers section, above the rules. The corresponding subledger is available in the Rule Builder, ready to be used in a condition.

Validating the subledger balance

The subledger accessor created in the previous section automatically contains 3 balance attributes that we can evaluate in a condition. To check the subledger balance:

  1. Open the Rule Builder for your loyalty campaign.

  2. Click Create Rule.

  3. In Conditions, click Add Condition.

  4. Select Attribute > Check attribute value.

  5. Select the attribute you want to evaluate. In the Attribute Selector, your subledger accessor appears in the Subledgers category. Every subledger contains the following attributes:

    • Current Balance (<subledger name>): Points awarded immediately after a purchase.
    • Pending Balance (<subledger name>): Points awarded after a purchase but available after a specific period of time.
    • Tentative Current Balance (<subledger name>): Total points, including additions and deductions, during an active customer session.
  6. Finish setting your validation check.

  7. Click Done.

The condition is saved. You can set the effects of this condition by using the Effects section.

Using a subledger in effects

Use the Rule Builder to add loyalty points to the balance of a subledger or redeem them from a subledger that you created earlier.