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Creating profile-based loyalty programs

Reward customers with loyalty points linked to their customer profiles.


Before you create a loyalty program, enable the loyalty feature.

  1. Click Loyalty on the leftmost menu.

  2. Click Create Loyalty Program, then click Profile-Based.

  3. In Basic info, enter the program's basic information:

    • In Loyalty program name, type the name you use to find the loyalty program.

    • In API name, type an identifier for your loyalty program. It can be used for integration purposes.


      You cannot change this after you create the loyalty program.

    • (Optional) In Description, type a description to help you identify the program.

  4. In Time zone, select the reference time zone.


    The time zone setting is used for:

    You cannot change this after you create the loyalty program.

  5. In Reward schedule, define when your rewards become active and when they expire:

    • In Reward start date, select whether your rewards become active immediately or on a date relative to the customer session.
    • In Reward expiration, select whether your rewards have an unlimited validity or expire on a date relative to the session.
  6. In Subledgers, click Enable Subledgers to be able to create subledgers in your loyalty program, or click Disable Subledgers to disable this option.


    Subledgers inherit all the tiers and their point thresholds from the main ledger.

    You cannot change this after you create the loyalty program.

  7. (Optional) In Tiers, define the settings of your tiers:

    1. Click Tier definition > Create Tier to create a tier within your program:

      • In Tier name, type the name of the tier.

      • In Point threshold, define the number of points needed for customers to enter the tier.

        After you set these parameters, click Create Tier to create the tier. Repeat as needed to create the tiers you need.


      You can create the tiers later if you do not create any tiers now, as long as the program doesn't contain loyalty transactions.

      If you create one of more tiers now, you cannot edit them later.

    2. Click Tier expiration and use the Expiration date fields to define when your tiers expire. The expiration date is relative to the start date of the tiers.

    3. Click Downgrade type and choose the strategy for downgrading customers. The downgrade happens when the tier expires and when the customer doesn't have enough points to remain in it.

      Select one the following types:

      • Hard Downgrade: The customer enters a tier that matches the number of active points in their balance.
      • Soft Downgrade: The customer enters the tier below their current tier.

    You can create up to 20 tiers in one loyalty program.

  8. In Environment, select the environment for your loyalty program and the Applications you want to connect to the program:

    • In Loyalty program environment, choose between a live or sandbox environment.


      You cannot change this after you create the loyalty program.

    • (Optional) In Connected Applications, select which Applications you want to connect to the loyalty program.


      To use a loyalty program, you have to connect it to one or more Applications. After creating the program, you can edit it to connect it to new Applications and remove former ones as many times as you wish.

  9. Click Create Program.

You can find the created program on the Loyalty page, and you can use it directly in your campaigns.


To reward customers with loyalty points linked to cards that they can use to collect and spend points, see creating card-based loyalty programs.