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Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs allow you to reward customers for their purchases or other actions by adding points to their user profiles or to cards that they can share with other people.


Loyalty programs can be used across multiple campaigns and different Applications, as long as the loyalty feature is active for a specific campaign.

After you enable this feature, you can use the loyalty effects available in the Rule Builder.

You can set rules to choose which customer actions are rewarded with points and how you allow customers to spend these points. For example, customers might exchange points for discounts, free items, or store credit.


Loyalty points are granted when the customer session is closed.

Loyalty programs can also be used as counters. For example, you can use a loyalty program to count the number of purchases made by a customer.

Your loyalty program can be as granular as you wish by enabling the subledger feature during the program creation. When enabled, customers can have multiple balances within the same program, each tied to different entities.

The Loyalty page of your account allows you to view, create, and edit your loyalty programs. You can define user access to this page and to each loyalty program in your account.

Loyalty program types

Loyalty programs can be:

Reward customers with loyalty points linked to their customer profiles. Assign users to tiers based on the points they collect.
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Reward customers with loyalty points linked to cards that they can use to collect and spend points. Loyalty cards can be shared among customers.
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Loyalty program environments

You can create a loyalty program in one of the following environments:

  • Sandbox
  • Live

These help you differentiate between testing and production loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs from a given environment can only be connected to Applications from the same environment. For example, if a loyalty program is created in the sandbox environment, it cannot be accessed by an Application in the live environment.

Listing loyalty programs

To list your loyalty programs, click Loyalty on the leftmost menu.

This page displays the available loyalty programs. It contains the following information for each of them:

IDUnique number identifying the loyalty program. It can be used for integration purposes.
EnvironmentEnvironment of the loyalty program.
ProgramIt displays the loyalty program's name and description, and the Application(s) where it is available.
Point validityIt displays the number of days until a reward expires, as set when you created the loyalty program.
Activation delayIt displays the number of days until a reward can be used, as set when you created the loyalty program.
SubledgersIt indicates whether the subledger feature has been activated in the loyalty program (green) or not (red).
Loyalty cardIt indicates whether the loyalty program is card-based (green) or profile-based (red).