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Managing loyalty programs

You can edit a loyalty program at any time. For example, you can modify its name or description.


Time zone, Subledgers, and Environment settings cannot be changed after you create a loyalty program.

Editing a loyalty program

  1. On the leftmost menu, click Loyalty.
  2. Click the name of the program you want to edit.
  3. On the left-side menu, click Settings.
  4. In Basic Info, edit Loyalty program name and Description.

    API name cannot be changed after you create a loyalty program.

  5. For profile-based loyalty programs, in Join policy, change the policy that defines when customers join the loyalty program. Select one of the following policies:
    • Points earned: Customers join the loyalty program when they earn points for the first time.
    • Points activated: Customers join the loyalty program when their points become active for the first time.

    You cannot change the selected policy if there are point transactions in the loyalty program.

  6. In Reward Schedule, edit when rewards become active and when they expire.
    • In Reward start date, specify when rewards become active: immediately or on a relative date.
    • In Reward expiration, specify if your rewards have an unlimited validity or they expire on a relative date.
  7. For profile-based loyalty programs:
    • In Tier definitions: You can create, edit, and delete tiers if you didn't create tiers during the program's creation phase, as long as the loyalty program doesn't have transactions.
    • Tier expiration: Use the Expiration date fields to set the new expiration date of the tiers.
    • In Downgrade type: Choose the type of customer downgrade you require.
  8. For card-based loyalty programs, edit how many customers can be linked to a card. It applies to new cards and those already in the program.
  9. In Connected Applications, add or remove Applications from the loyalty program.

    Removing an Application from the list of connected Applications is only possible if it does not contain a campaign with rules referencing this loyalty program.

Deleting a loyalty program

You can delete loyalty programs from your account when they are not used in any Application.

After you delete a loyalty program, your customers cannot use the loyalty points they obtained through it anymore. Subledgers and point transactions are also deleted.

Feature access
Only admins have access to this feature.
  1. On the leftmost menu, click Loyalty.
  2. Click the name of the program you want to delete.
  3. On the left-side menu of the program, click Delete > Delete Program.
  4. Click Delete Program on the pop-up confirmation window that appears.