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Creating loyalty programs

To create a loyalty program:

  1. Click Loyalty on the left-most menu to access the Loyalty page.

  2. Click Create Loyalty Program at the top of the page.

  3. In Name (internal), choose an identifier for your loyalty program. You cannot change it once the program is created.

  4. In Title (visible), choose the name you use to find the loyalty program in the Rule Builder.

  5. (Optional) In Description, type some words to help you identify the program.

  6. In Data capture timezone > Timezone, choose the place whose corresponding timezone is used to determine when a day starts and display analytics accordingly in the dashboard. You cannot modify it once the program is created.

  7. (Optional) In Set reward start date, choose if you want your rewards to start working after a defined period:

    • Immediate.
    • If you select Days before activating reward, type the number of days.
  8. (Optional) In Set reward expiration, choose if you want your rewards to have a defined validity:

    • Unlimited.
    • If you select Reward validity in days, type the number of days.
  9. (Optional) In the Connect Application drop-down menu, select the Application where you want to use the loyalty program. You can select more than one.


    If you do not select an Application now, you will have to edit the loyalty program to do this once you want to use it. You can edit the program to connect new Applications and remove former ones as many times as you wish.

  10. (Optional) Click Enable subledgers to be able to create subledgers in your loyalty program. You cannot modify it once the program is created.


    If you select this option, confirm it by clicking Enable subledgers again on a pop-up window.

  11. (Optional) In Create Loyalty Tiers > New Loyalty Tier, set tiers to use within your program:

    • In Tier name, choose the name of each specific tier.
    • In Min. points required, define the points threshold to enter the tier.
  12. Click Create.

A notification pops up, indicating that the loyalty program has been created. You can find the program in the loyalty programs table, and you can use it directly in your campaigns.