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You can use giveaway pools to store codes or vouchers generated outside of Talon.One with which to reward your customers.

For example, you can send customers Amazon gift cards when they spend a certain amount or join a new tier in a loyalty program.

To use giveaways in the effects of your rules:

  1. Activate the giveaway feature in your campaign.
  2. Create a giveaway pool and connect it to the Application that contains your campaign.
  3. Import giveaway codes into the pool.

Giveaway pool environments

You can create giveaway pools in one of the following environments:

  • Sandbox
  • Live

They help you differentiate between testing and production giveaway pools.

Giveaway pools from a given environment can only be connected to Applications from the same environment. For example, if a giveaway pool is created in the sandbox environment, it cannot be accessed in the live environment.

Listing giveaway pools

To list your giveaway pools, on the leftmost menu, click Giveaways.

This page displays the available giveaway pools. It contains the following information for each of them:

IDUnique number identifying the giveaway pool. It can be used for integration purposes.
EnvironmentEnvironment of the giveaway pool.
PoolName and description of the pool.
ApplicationsNumber of Applications the pool is connected to.