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Creating giveaways

To create a giveaway pool:

  1. On the leftmost menu, click Giveaways.

  2. Click Create Giveaway Pool.

  3. In Giveaway pool environment, select the environment where you want to create your giveaway pool.


    You cannot change the environment after you create the giveaway pool.

  4. In Name, type a name for the pool.

  5. (Optional) In Description, enter some information to help you identify the pool.

  6. In Connected Applications, select the Applications where you want the pool to be available.

  7. (Optional) In Import Codes, select a CSV file of promotional codes from your computer. You can also import codes after creating the pool.


    You can import the same code multiple times. Duplicate codes are treated and distributed to customers as unique codes.

  8. Click Create Pool.