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Getting started

To get started with Talon.One, a series of configuration steps are required in 2 environments:

  • The Campaign Manager
  • The integration layer

We recommend you read understanding Talon.One first.

This page explains how to set up the Campaign Manager and is dedicated to admin users. The integration layer development documentation is in the Developer docs section.

Logging in to your account

To finalize your account creation, accept the invitation email you received.

Troubleshooting login issues

If you have lost your invitation email or if you do not know your account domain, send an email to

Our support team will send you an email with your account's information, including your domain name.

Creating your roles and inviting your users

As an admin user:

  1. Create roles that you will assign to your users. Roles are a way to ensure your users have access only to specific features, Applications and loyalty programs.
  2. Invite your users, assigning roles to them. The roles you assign to each of them depend on your company structure.

Exploring the Campaign Manager

Start exploring the Campaign Manager in the Demo Integration sandbox Application. It has several campaigns already set up, including different rules built for you to understand how everything works.

Create a campaign in this Application to get used to the Campaign Manager environment.

Starting the integration

You can create your first Application and API key and start learning about how to integrate.

Enabling email notifications

From the left-side menu, click Profile and enable email notifications for the Applications of your choice.

You will be notified about budget limits and campaign status changes.


API key expiration emails are always sent, regardless of the Application you enable notifications for.

Importing data

Once you have integrated and created your first campaign, you can import coupons and additional data from other marketing and BI tools for use in Talon.One.