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Managing campaign schedule

Scheduling campaigns allows you to plan ahead and decide when your campaigns start running and when they become inactive. You can modify a schedule at any point.

  • The schedule is effective only when you activate the campaign.
  • The campaign schedule uses the Application's time zone setting.

To create a schedule for a campaign:

  1. Click Settings > Schedule on the left-side menu of your campaign and set:
    • Start time: Date and time when the campaign starts running.
    • End time: Date and time when the campaign becomes inactive.
  2. Click Save schedule.

If the campaign was active, its state changes from running to scheduled.

The state of a scheduled campaign will automatically change to running when the start time is reached, and it will change from running to expired when the end time is reached.


If you set only the end time for a campaign that is already running, the state of the campaign remains the same until the end time is reached. The state then changes to expired.