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Referral codes are intended for your customers to share with other people so that they too become customers. Each referral code is related to an advocate and their friend:

  • Advocate: The customer who invited their friend via a referral code.
  • Friend: The person who receives the code from an advocate.

You can use referral campaigns to reward both your customers for recommending your product to their friends and the latter for their first purchases. For example, you can provide the customer redeeming the code with a discount on their purchase and give the advocate loyalty points, a giveaway or a coupon code.

Listing referral codes

To list the referral codes in a campaign, click Referrals on the left-side menu of the campaign. This section is available in the menu as long as the referral feature is active for the campaign.

It displays all the referral codes created for the campaign, with the most recently created codes appearing at the top. The page contains the following information for each of them:


Name of the referral code, including the custom prefix, suffix, and segmentation elements, if they exist. It is unique for all the campaigns in the same Application.

You can click the referral name to copy it.

RedemptionsNumber of times a code has been successfully redeemed out of the total redemption limit.
Advocate's Integration IDThe Integration ID of the customer you provided the code to.
Batch ID

Unique identifier of the batch the code belongs to when you import referrals or create referral codes for multiple advocates.

You can use the Batch ID in the following ways:

  • Exporting a group of codes.
  • Editing all the codes in the batch at the same time.

Note: Referral codes created through the Create referral code effect do not have an associated Batch ID.

CreatedDate when the code was created.
Valid fromDate from which the code can be used. It appears empty if no start date was set during the referral code creation process.
Valid untilExpiration date of the code. It appears empty if no expiration date was set during the referral code creation process.
AttributesCustom attributes associated to this referral in your rules together with any values added when choosing referral code creation as an effect.

If you do not see any referral codes, start by creating some.