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A campaign is the entity that allows you to set up your promotions in Talon.One. A campaign is represented by its:

  • Promotional rules
  • Schedule
  • Budget
  • State
  • Budget and budget limits
  • Performance data

You can create multiple campaigns within the same Application, each of them containing at least one rule. We recommend not building more than 3 rules per campaign for optimal performance.

Typically, you should create campaigns for the following use cases:


Your contract can determine the maximum number of active campaigns that you can create in your live Applications. You can find this information in the Campaign Manager, in Account > Usage & Limits.

The campaign dashboard

It provides you with an overview of the campaign. It contains the following sections:





  • Campaign description.
  • Campaign creation date and the user who created the campaign.
  • Last update date and the user who updated the campaign.


Indicates whether the campaign is running, disabled or archived. 

It allows you to:

  • Edit the campaign state.
  • Delete the campaign.
  • Copy the campaign


Indicates whether the campaign has a schedule

If the campaign has a schedule, it displays the start time and the end time.


Displays any rules built in the campaign. You can see:

  • Name of each rule.
  • Number of conditions and effects for each rule. 

Performance and Budgets

Displays any campaign budgets set for the campaign. 

Each budget contains a bar and a counter representing the campaign budget usage in relation to the defined limit.