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Copying campaigns

You can copy a campaign to a different Application than the one in which it was created. The new campaign contains all the rules and achievements of the original one, but no coupons, referral codes, or stores are copied.

This is useful, for example, to copy a campaign that you created in your sandbox Application to your live Application once you have tested it. You can also use it to save time and avoid making mistakes when reusing campaigns with complex rules.


You cannot copy campaigns created from a template.

When copying a campaign, you can edit the following details:

  • If the campaign you want to copy has been added to a campaign access group you can only copy it if the destination Application has been connected to that group.

  • If the campaign contains strikethrough rules, you can copy it only if the destination Application is connected to a cart item catalog.

Once you copy the campaign to another Application, you can also edit its rules.

To copy a campaign:

  1. Click the Copy icon to the right of the campaign's name.


    You can also copy a campaign by clicking Copy Campaign in the State section of the campaign dashboard.

  2. In Copy settings > Destination Application, select the Application you want to copy the campaign to.

    • If you are notified that a loyalty program or a giveaway pool referenced by the campaign is not connected to the destination Application, select one that is available to the Application.

      • If no loyalty program or giveaway pool is available, connect one to the destination Application so you can copy your campaign.
      • The new loyalty program must have the same subledger settings as the loyalty program connected to the original Application.
    • If you are notified that custom attributes, webhooks, custom effects or additional costs referenced by the campaign are not connected to the destination Application, connect them to it to proceed.


      Click Copy list to copy the list of entities to the clipboard so you can make it available elsewhere.

  3. Click Next.

  4. In General settings, edit the required details: name, description, campaign evaluation group, tags, and schedule.

  5. Click Copy Campaign.

The default state of the new campaign depends on the state of the original one:

Original campaign stateNew campaign state