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Audiences are lists of customer profiles that allow you to target specific groups of customers in your campaigns.

For example, you can use audience conditions in your rules to display notifications to certain users depending on their past interactions with your company or their location. This is useful for improving the customer experience and increasing the performance of your campaigns.

Audiences can be created on third-party customer data platforms or directly in Talon.One.

Audience environments

In Talon.One, you can create audiences in one of the following environments:

  • Sandbox
  • Live

They help you differentiate between testing and production audiences.

Audiences from a given environment can only be connected to Applications from the same environment. For example, if an audience is created in the sandbox environment, it cannot be accessed in the live environment.

Listing audiences

To list your audiences, click Audiences on the leftmost menu.

This page displays the available audiences. It contains the following information for each of them:

Audience nameName of the audience and icon to indicate the audience environment.

The acronym CDP to the right of the audience name indicates that the audience was created on a customer data platform.
MembersNumber of members of the audience.
ActionsButtons to edit or delete the audience.

Audience page

Click an Audience name to access all the information for the corresponding audience.

The audience page displays the following information:

  • Icon indicating the audience environment.

  • Name of the audience.

  • Audience ID: Identifier of the audience. It can be used for integration purposes.


    Use the copy icon to the right of the audience ID to copy it to the clipboard.

  • Last update: Date and time when the audience was last updated.

  • Description of the audience.

  • Audience members: table containing audience member data. It displays the following information:

    Integration IDIdentifier of the customer profile. It can be used for integration purposes.
    CreatedDate and time when the audience was created.
    Last activityDate and time when the member was imported.
    • Use the search bar at the top of the table to search for a specific customer by their integration ID.

    • Click All to the right of the search bar to download a CSV file with the members of the audience.