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Creating audiences

You can create audiences in Talon.One via the Campaign Manager or via the Integration API.


Using the Integration API can be useful to sync your data warehouse with Talon.One during the audience creation process.


Only users with Admin permissions can create audiences.

To create an audience via the Campaign Manager:

  1. On the left-most menu, click Audiences.

  2. Click Create Audience.

  3. In Audience environment, select the environment where you want to create your audience.


    The audience environment cannot be changed after the audience is created.

  4. In Audience name, type a name for the audience.

  5. (Optional) In Description, enter some information to help you identify the audience.

  6. In Connected Applications, select the Applications where you want the audience to be available.

  7. (Optional) In Import members list, select a CSV file with a list of audience members from your computer. This can be done after creating the audience.

  8. Click Create Audience.

If you imported a list of members during the audience creation process, a second notification appears, indicating that the list has been imported.