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Applications are the environment where you create and manage your campaigns. Each of them can contain multiple campaigns and has a unique API key to send integration data.

It is not possible to share customer activity or campaigns between different Applications, but you can access all your loyalty programs and giveaways from any Application.

Typically, you should create Applications for the following use cases:

  • Manage campaigns in different currencies.
  • Manage campaigns in different time zones.
  • Connect to specific environments. For example, one Application for testing purposes, and one for your production environment.

Application environments

You can create Applications in one of the following environments:

  • Sandbox
  • Live

They help you differentiate between testing and production Applications. For example, you can connect a sandbox Application to a mock environment on your end and use it to test rules for your campaigns. Then, you can copy those campaigns into a live Application connected to your actual website or app.

  • Customer profiles created in a given environment can only be accessed by Applications from the same environment. For example, customer profiles created in a sandbox environment cannot be accessed from a live Application.

  • Loyalty programs, audiences and giveaway pools from a given environment can only be connected to Applications from the same environment.

A key difference between sandbox and live Applications happens in the Integration API. By default, sandbox Applications provide you with more detailed information about why a rule failed. Use this to test your campaigns faster. For more information, see the Update customer profile and Update customer session endpoint's ruleFailureReasons property.


Your contract can determine the maximum number of live Applications and of sandbox Applications that you can create. You can find this information in the Campaign Manager, in Account > Usage & Limits.