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Managing Applications

Editing the details of an Application

You can edit an Application to modify its name, description, currency, time zone and Application environment. This affects all the campaigns contained in the Application that is edited.

  1. Click the settings icon to the right of the name of the Application that you want to edit, or click Settings > Details in the Application's left-side menu.
  2. Edit the required information.
  3. Click Save Changes.

The code case sensitivity can be edited in the Campaign evaluation section.

Deleting an Application

When you delete an Application all its information (including campaigns, coupons, customer sessions and referrals) is erased and you cannot recover it.


This does not affect your customer profiles.

  1. Click the Application that you want to delete.
  2. Click Settings > Delete.
  3. Click Delete Application.
  4. In Application Name, type the name of the Application.
  5. Click I understand the consequences, delete this Application.