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Finding coupons

Use the Coupon Finder to search through your coupon codes and display coupon details.

  1. Click Coupon Finder on the left-side menu of your Application. You can search for any coupon in any of the campaigns of the Application.
  2. Type the coupon code or a part of it. The search is case insensitive.
  3. Click Search.

The coupons matching your search are displayed.

For each coupon, the following information is displayed:

  • Coupon code value.
  • Status.
  • Batch ID.
  • Redemptions.
  • Creation date.
  • Validity.
  • Customers who have used the coupon.
  • Coupon attributes.
  • Campaign where the coupon was created.
  • Campaign status.
  • Rules in the campaign and their number of conditions and effects.
  • Link to the customer sessions where the coupon has been used.