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Displaying stores

A store is an entity in Talon.One used to represent all the physical and digital sales channels of an organization. Each store contains data created and updated through the Management API.


Stores can be linked only to the campaigns of the Application in which they are created.

Listing stores

To list all the stores in an Application, on the left-side menu of your Application, click Stores.

The page displays all the stores created in the Application in alphabetical order.


Use the Get store endpoint to obtain the details of a specific store. Use the Create store endpoint to create a store in an Application.

Each store contains the following information:

Store nameThe name of the store. You choose this when creating a store. You can have multiple stores with the same name.
Store integration IDThe identifier of the store. It can be used for integration purposes. It is unique for each store. You choose this when creating a store.

You cannot edit the store integration ID after the store has been created.

Linked CampaignsThe number of campaigns linked to a specific store. You can add or delete stores linked to a campaign from the campaign settings.
Built-in attributesBuilt-in attributes such as the store description or the store creation date are provided by default.
Custom attributesIf the built-in attributes do not represent the data of your store, you can create custom attributes and connect them to the stores in your Application. Each store can have multiple custom attributes.

If you do not see any stores in your Application, start by creating some.