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Creating Applications

  1. On the Apps page, click New Application.


    If you have not created any Applications yet, click Create Application.

  2. In Name, enter a suitable name for your Application. Use a name that everyone in your team can understand.

  3. (Optional) In Description, type some information to help your team understand the purpose of the Application.

  4. In Currency, select your desired currency in the drop-down menu.

  5. In Time zone, select a time zone for your Application. Typically, you should use your business' time zone.

    Talon.One uses this time zone setting for:


    We do not recommend changing the time zone setting after creating the Application.

  6. In Code case sensitivity, use the drop-down menu to choose:

    • Case insensitive - Uppercase (recommended) for codes to be stored in uppercase and their case not to be evaluated when customers enter the codes.
    • Case insensitive - Lowercase for codes to be stored in lowercase and their case not to be evaluated when customers enter the codes.
    • Case sensitive for codes to be stored and evaluated as they are sent.

    We recommend using Case insensitive options because they prevent code redemption errors when end users type the code name in lowercase or uppercase.

    The Case sensitive option can be useful to make codes harder to guess.

  7. In Application environment, choose the environment where you want to create your Application.

  8. Click Create Application.


    After you create an Application, remember to create an API key in the Application settings.