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Managing notification logs

The Notification Logs page displays a record of all outgoing updates from Application notifications and loyalty notifications.

Feature access

Only admins and Application admins have access to this feature.

To open notification logs:

  1. In the lower-left corner, click Account > Tools.
  2. Click Notification Logs, and select the required tab.

You can use the following filtering options on the results:

StatusView results with only Successful or only Unsuccessful HTTP status codes:
  • Successful: Only 2xx status codes.
  • Unsuccessful: Only 4xx or 5xx status codes.
Time periodView results from a custom or predefined time period:
Time periodDescription
CustomSelect your desired time period, and click OK.
15mPast 15 minutes
30mPast 30 minutes
1hPast 1 hour
4hPast 4 hours
1DPast 1 day
2DPast 2 days

To refresh the results, in the top-right corner, click Refresh.