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Managing Management API keys

You can create and manage the API keys used to interact with the Management API. This API is used for backoffice operations, such as importing coupons, or retrieving campaign data.

Feature access
Only admins have access to this feature.

Every Management API key you generate enables the developer to access the endpoints of your choice. Use this feature to increase security by controlling the level of access you want to provide to your developers.

  • This authentication scheme is recommended over the bearer token scheme.
  • A Management API key can no longer be used if the user who created it is either disabled or deleted.
Are you looking for a different API?

To create an API key to use the Integration API, see Managing Integration API keys.

Creating a Management API key

  1. On the leftmost menu, click Account > Tools > Management API keys.

  2. Click Create Key.

  3. In Key name, type a name to identify the key.

  4. In Key expiration date, select a date.

  5. (Optional) In Applications, select the Applications that this key should work with. If you select none, the key works with all Applications.


    If you select one or more Applications, the allowed endpoints list only contains endpoints that work with individual Applications.

  6. In Allowed endpoints, select the endpoints that this key gives access to. See the API docs to learn about each endpoint.

  7. Click Create Key.

  8. Copy it and share it with the developer of your choice. The can be used immediately.


    You cannot display the API key after this step. If you lose the value, create a new API key.

Using a Management API key

To use the Management API key as a developer, see the Management API Authentication section.

Deleting an API key

Deleting an API key cannot be undone. The software that uses the key immediately loses access to the Management API.

  1. On the leftmost menu, click Account > Tools > Management API keys.
  2. Click to delete the API key of your choice.