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Monitoring the integration status

When you are building a new integration, in Talon.One, or making changes to an existing one, it can be helpful to get some insight into what requests the Integration API is receiving. The Developers section of the Campaign Manager contains a number of useful monitoring/health checks.

Application health#

Application status is measured by the recency of API requests, and the percentage of requests that failed (returned a status code >= 400). An application is considered healthy if it has received only successful API requests in the last 5 minutes. A WARNING status indicates at least one failed request in the last 50 minutes, progressing to ERROR if more than 50% of requests failed, and CRITICAL if all requests failed.

Attribute health#

Attribute status is measured by the recency of successful API requests that included a given attribute. An attribute status will be OK if it was used recently, Idle if it has been used in the past, or Not Used if we've never received a successful API request with this attribute.

Unlike application statuses, attribute status doesn't consider error rates, any failed API requests that included an attribute are ignored when computing the attribute status.

API Log#

Both the application and attribute health will link to the API log. This is a record of all requests/responses made to the API in the last 30 days. The API log includes raw payloads for requests so you can see precisely what was sent/received, but large payloads will be truncated at 4 KB.