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Monitoring the integration status

When you are building a new integration or making changes to an existing one, use The Developers section of the Campaign Manager to monitor the requests sent via the Integration API.

Monitoring Application health

Application health is measured by the recency of API requests, and the percentage of requests that failed (returned a status code >= 400).

To display the health, open the Application of your choice then click Settings > Developer settings.

The health status can be:

  • NONE: During the last 5 minutes, the Application hasn't recorded any Integration API requests.
  • OK: The Application has received only successful API requests in the last 5 minutes.
  • WARNING: The Application received at least one failed request in the last 50 minutes.
  • ERROR: More than 50% of received requests failed.
  • CRITICAL All received requests failed.

Using the API log

The API log is a record of all requests/responses made to the API in the last 30 days. It includes raw payloads for requests that you can use to see what was sent or received.

To open the API log:

  1. Open your Application.
  2. Click Settings > Tools > Integration API Logs.

Large payloads are truncated at 4 KB.