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Migrating to V2

If your integration still uses the V1 Update customer session and Update customer profile endpoints, we recommend you migrate to their V2 equivalents as soon as possible:

V2 is fully backwards compatible with all the data currently stored in your Talon.One database. Even sessions created under v1 can be edited and canceled using API v2.

Generally, the migration should be about adapting query bodies and response parsing. A special case is if you support multiple coupons in V1. In this situation, campaigns that contain rules that trigger when a coupon is valid and rules that do not depend on the presence of a coupon must be split to allow the coupon use cases to be isolated in a single campaign.

The remaining part of the migration consists in taking advantage of the new properties offered in V2.

Differences between V1 and V2

Effects become structured JSON objects

Rework your response parsing of the effects property.

"effects": [

Additional costs

Communicate all the fees associated with a purchase such as shipping fees with the additionalCosts property:

"additionalCosts": {
"fees": {
"price": 3.5
"price": 5

Customize the content of the responses

The meta object is replaced by a responseContent field that allows you to get the meta metadata of your choice in your responses. This helps you save API calls, read more about this in Customizing responses.

Multiple coupons per session

In V2, sessions support multiple coupons.

Cascading discounts

The new additional costs and rules that enforce session total = sum of all cart items + all additional costs allows the use of cascading discounts.

This means that percentage discounts on the session total or on cart items take any awarded discounts into consideration.


A 100EUR order that triggered 2 different 10% discounts has a total discount of 10EUR + 9EUR, and not 10EUR + 10EUR anymore.

Contact our customer success team if you have more questions about the migration.