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Creating coupons using Selligent

You can integrate Talon.One with Selligent using Talon.One Selligent-specific endpoints.

In this tutorial, we use Selligent to create coupons.

See the endpoint

Creating 3rd-party API key

Let's generate a Talon.One API key that we will use for Selligent.

  1. In your Talon.One Application, click Settings > Developer settings.
  2. Click Create API Key.
  3. For Do you want to use this API Key with a 3rd party service?, select Yes.
  4. From Platform, select Selligent.
  5. Select an expiration date, and click Create API Key.
  6. Copy the key for later use.

  7. note
    You cannot display the API key after this step. If you lose the value, create a new API key.

Editing Live Content

To generate a coupon in Talon.One, pass a few parameters into the Live Content widget in Selligent.

  1. Click Content > click the image > Edit Live Content.
  2. In the opened Live Content widget, click Datasource if you haven't created a data source yet.
  3. Fill in the name of the data source, for example Talon.One integration.
  4. Set Type to JSON and Caching to None.
  5. Set Authentication to OAuth and click Configure.
  6. In the Token key field, type ApiKey-v1.
  7. In Selligent, in Token value, paste your Selligent-specific API key from Talon.One.

Next, generate a URI using the following tool.

Generating the URI

Copy the generated URI and paste it in the URI field in the Live Content widget and click the Test Request button.

You should see the response on the right side of the widget, which contains all the parameters that you passed.