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Integrating with Segment

In this tutorial, let's integrate Talon.One with Segment.

See API Docs

Segment integration features

The integration between Segment and Talon.One supports the following features:

  • Receiving customer profile data
  • Synchronizing audience data
  • Tracking events

Segment integrations with Talon.One have a rate limit of 60 requests per second for any given client, regardless of the endpoint. The rate limit can be increased upon request.

Setting up the integration

To integrate:

  1. Configure Segment to use the Talon.One (Action) Destination to start sending data. See the Segment documentation.


    If you use the classic Talon.One destination available before March 2022, we recommend you migrate to the new version, referred to as Action.

  2. Start creating your rules in Talon.One using the data sent by Segment. A standard use case relies on conditions such as: 'Event type' is equal to <the event sent by Segment>.

The Talon.One action calls Talon.One's Segment-specific endpoints.