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Integrating with commercetools

Talon.One supports commercetools integration via the open-source commercetools accelerator on GitHub.


The commercetools accelerator is an experimental integration method that is best suited for use in proof-of-concept or simulation projects, not in production environments.

Understanding the commercetools accelerator

The commercetools accelerator is an open-source microservice connector that allows you to map attributes between Talon.One and commercetools quickly. It can be deployed from the command line.

The commercetools accelerator consists of 3 processes:

  1. When changes in commercetools occur, customer profiles in Talon.One are updated.
  2. When a customer updates the cart, event data is sent from commercetools to Talon.One.
  3. Effects data is received from Talon.One and passed to your shop system through commercetools.

When the front-end of your shop system requests commercetools to make a change at the cart level, commercetools triggers a serverless function. It passes data from commercetools to Talon.One. At the same time, Talon.One returns data about the effects to apply to commercetools. Then commercetools returns a response to your shop system with information about the applied effects.

Understanding how the commercetools accelerator works.

commercetools integration features

The Talon.One-commercetools integration uses an event-based architecture. The accelerator is implemented as a set of commercetools API extensions that are triggered by events in commercetools.

The API extensions allow you to extend the response of an API request with your own business logic. To learn more, see the commercetools documentation.


The accelerator supports only AWS and Google Cloud Platform at the moment.

Setting up the integration

The integration process consists of the following steps:

  1. Set up your commercetools platform. Learn how to do this with the commercetools docs.
  2. Create an Application and a rule in the Campaign Manager. See the Product docs.
  3. Install and configure the accelerator. In the GitHub repository, see the Readme file.

Mapping attributes between commercetools and Talon.One

The commercetools accelerator supports standard and custom attribute fields on both platforms. To learn about attribute mapping, in the GitHub repository, see the Readme file.

Improving the accelerator

The accelerator is an open-source project. If you would like to add features or submit any improvements, in the GitHub repository, see the contributing guidelines.