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Generic CEP integration

You can integrate with any customer engagement platform, or CEP, using the following endpoints designed for 3rd-party tools, rather than your own integration layer.


These endpoints are for general use with any platform. If you use a partner listed in the Customer engagement platforms section, do not follow this tutorial. Instead, refer to a tutorial specific to your platform.

The following endpoints are available:

See API Docs


All these endpoints rely on Talon.One's 3rd-party API keys of type Customer Engagement. To generate one:

  1. In your Talon.One Application, click Settings > Developer settings.

  2. Click Create API Key.

  3. For Do you want to use this API Key with a 3rd party service?, select Yes.

  4. From Platform, select Customer Engagement.

  5. Select an expiration date, and click Create API Key.

  6. Copy the key for later use.


    You cannot display the API key after this step. If you lose the value, create a new API key.

Use the key in the Authorization header of each of the endpoints. For example:

Authorization: ApiKey-v1 dbc644d33aa74d582bd9479c59e16f970fe13bf3

Creating a coupon

To create a coupon from a CEP platform, use the following endpoint:

GET Create coupon

See API Docs


You can edit the default format of the coupon codes in the campaign's Settings section.

Creating a referral

To create a referral from a CEP platform, use the following endpoint:

GET Create referral

See API Docs

Fetching a loyalty ledger

To fetch a loyalty ledger from a CEP, use the following endpoint:

GET Get loyalty ledger

See API Docs

Adding loyalty points

To add loyalty points from a CEP, use the following endpoint:

POST Add loyalty points

See API Docs